Hospitality Is Not A Strategy

Have you ever heard of a “brand recipe”? Or, how about a “chef engagement?”

No? Let me explain.

Not all food is created equal, especially in our world of brand strategy and activation. We believe so strongly about this that we don’t even use the word hospitality at Breaking Limits.

Why, might you ask? Think of it this way:

Hospitality is flat, predictable, and is given very little thought beyond picking beef or chicken off a catering menu. It kind of ends there…

At Breaking Limits, we deliver amazing and customized culinary experiences as a tactic to a larger strategy – to subtly encourage your guests to love your brand!

See the difference yet?

How a brand communicates who they are is critical, and the methods the brand uses say as much as the content itself.

Think about that: HOW a brand communicates is CRITICAL. The methods used say as much as the content itself.

Traditional hospitality food and beverage service communicates one message; however, a brand-centric culinary experience conveys something entirely different, much more meaningful, and more memorable.

When it comes to creating a culinary experience, Breaking Limits’ approach is to maximize the sensory experience for your guests. A full sensory experience speaks volumes about your brand and creates deeply unforgettable connections to your brand. Powerful connections create powerful memories, and those memories ignite emotions. Emotional experiences become brand loyalty.

To accomplish this, Breaking Limits built a culinary team that is nothing short of world-class. Our chefs are Culinary Arts Institute trained, own their own restaurants across the country, and know how to design a menu that aligns with your brand’s image. The team leverages their passion to curate an amazing sensory experience that orchestrates loyalty to your brand.

A brand recipe is a customized creation of recipes and menus based on the specific brand, products, or services. The selections are complimentary and supportive to the overall brand ethos, personas, and mission.

Through a chef engagement, we deploy our executive chefs to travel to your location to personally engage directly with your target customers or guests while personally delivering an exquisite culinary experience. Incredibly charismatic and very much a part of the delivering the brand experience, while on site Breaking Limits chefs become a live extension of your brand!

It probably comes as no surprise that every detail matters to us when we’re creating Championships for our clients – including food, which is just one tactic we us to build and bring your brand strategy to life!

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