Brand Communications and Public Relations

On a deeper level, public relations provides intrinsic value to these audiences for their benefit, growth, and education. Public relations is not simply delivering a message. Rather, public relations delivers value to an audience to achieve business goals and objectives in a manner that is mutually beneficial.

Breaking Limits has delivered meaningful public relations services to nationally known brands and organizations, resulting in millions of earned impressions and views. We take meticulous care to ensure that your organization’s value is conveyed accordingly.

Our team has experience stemming from healthcare, professional sports team, Olympic governing bodies, local television stations, nationwide skilled trade schools and educational institutes, national consumer packaged goods , professional athletes, associated sponsors and many more.

Our approach to public relations is multi-faceted.

Strategic Communications

While the strategy and foundation of your message as an organization remains consistent and unchanging, the delivery of that message will differ between your own stakeholders. Your company is many things to many people and your message must reflect that to nurture the personal relationships your company has with its consumers. Our focus is to translate your unique message into one engaging story that stays consistent with your company’s strategy and resonates with your various listeners.

Press releases, speeches, targeted media outreach, crisis communications, event execution and many more areas of focus will bring your story to life to those who need to hear it. We do not treat these activities as transactional. Rather, they are communications tools to create dialog with your brand.

Corporate Responsibility

Your organization may be involved in many outside endeavors. This may range from cause-related activity to corporate or social philanthropy, to corporate sponsorship. Each of these endeavors will warrant its own attention and we consider it our job and expertise to tap into these individual communities locally, nationally, or demographically.

Reputation Management

You have worked extremely hard to earn the reputation you have within your industry. Your service or product has been developed and refined into an industry standard, or perhaps a disruptor. History and experience have shown that it can take very little to derail one’s good reputation. Our experience and savvy in reputation management, crisis communications, and risk mitigation are at your disposal to not only reduce the risk, but seize opportunities to emphasize your good standing in the industry.

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