Strategic and Sponsorship Consulting

Many times, even a company’s top executives carry biases towards their business or their industries. Their superior knowledge and day-to-day connection to their business can hinder their ability to assess business challenges and opportunities objectively and impede development of the strategy to compete and excel within their industry.

The Breaking Limits team brings over 30 years of experience in developing marketing and brand strategy, having helped some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world navigate their unique challenges and tie marketing directly to revenue for their companies. From exotic automobile makers to household brands, Breaking Limits offers no shortage of strategic thinking, creativity and expertise in designing strategy that creates meaningful relationships between brands and their target consumers and building brand loyalty that drives revenue towards the bottom line.

Breaking Limits’ philosophy is rooted in developing a position for your company that differentiates your company from all others, a position that is so strong that competitors cannot compete nor claim your advantage. We build strategy on a foundation of situational analysis and extensive market research of the competitive landscape, and tie marketing with finance, budgeting, production, and future opportunity.

Creativity will always remain at the heart of the sponsor relationship between brands and their opportunities they sponsor. Our priority is to drive purpose through the sponsorship opportunity, a purpose that introduces new audiences to sponsors and achieves clearly defined business goals. We ensure that these goals are measurable and focused on awareness, growth, profitability, and sustainability.

Endemic Sponsorship

When you attend a sporting event, you will assuredly see sponsors that are native to the sports industry. These are endemic sponsors – brands and companies that market themselves within their industry because their target market frequently visits events within their industry. Endemic sponsorships are natural relationships on the surface because of a shared interest or value. Breaking Limits identifies viable endemic sponsorship opportunities that are equally beneficial to all parties and develops the strategy to drive the sponsorship’s success.


Non-Endemic Sponsorship

Referring to our sporting event example, let’s say you attend the same sporting event. Although, this time, you notice event sponsors that are seemingly different than the nature of the event itself. Perhaps at a sporting event you see the branding of an office supply store, or a bank. These are non-endemic sponsors, and generally more challenging for the brain to align without context, a storyline, a set of data or a hands-on consumer experience. Developing a strong strategy to drive a successful non-endemic sponsorship is critical.

Non-endemic sponsors often present themselves in front of new or differing audiences that align with a desired set of consumer demographics, habits, or interests. Age, gender, socio-economic status, and psychographic groups are all considered to identify unique sponsorship opportunities that would otherwise be ignored.

Breaking Limits ensures that your sponsorship opportunity will yield the highest return on investment. We understand the added value that businesses can achieve while aligning themselves with recognizable events and figures, and more important, we know how to develop the strategy to drive success.