Partnership Development and Negotiations

Your business has goals that meet a broader mission. Everything you do within your industry aims towards that mission. You know that in order to better serve your business you must form partnerships that benefit your overall purpose.

We also know that identifying and forming these partnerships can be challenging and, at times, overwhelming. There is much to consider in the partnership and negotiation process that will directly affect your business.

Breaking Limits relies on the combined 40 years of experience to ensure that your organization is aligned with the most advantageous partners. Our team has negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

We begin by taking a strategic approach and identify the core goals and motives that you rely on to operate your business. These goals are often based on opportunity for revenue growth but can also include diversification, increasing brand awareness, new product launch, or developing new markets. We also assess and define the initial and long-term value your business provides to customers. The more we understand and define the culture, mission and vision of your company, the better positioned we are to form these partnerships for you from the beginning.

We then determine and engage potential partners, knowing that values and opportunities are aligned to produce the greatest benefit for all. We base the negotiation, execution and ongoing support of the relationship on data and KPIs and deliver honest and clear communication between all parties so that the overall result will meet your desired business outcome.

Breaking Limits truly believes that formative partnerships are essential to any and all businesses that wish to set themselves apart in the marketplace.