Experiential Marketing

In today’s business environment, consumers expect to have a personal experience and interaction with your brand. Consumers are sophisticated and likely won’t simply choose your product or brand over a competitor without at least some level of emotional connectivity to your company. In fact, 68% of marketers believe their company increasingly competes on their efforts of experiential marketing.

We approach experiential marketing as the facilitation of memorable customer experiences with your brand to meet a desired business outcome. This interaction is not merely transactional. It is intended to help your customers understand the values and culture of your brand through an immersive experience that touches all their senses.

Creating an emotional connection between you and your customers is vital to your success. Our strongest memories are created by the emotions that accompanied them. We partner with you to foster these emotional relationships that are proven to exponentially reward your brand through the lifecycle of the customer.

Your brand seeks recognition and awareness. While the windows of consumer attention are small, the opportunity you have to introduce yourself to new customers is enormous and must be utilized. Deliberate, experiential marketing will increase brand awareness and the valued proposition your brand offers to potentially new customers; however, the experience has potential to deliver far greater value. Experiential marketing delivers long-lasting benefit. Through experiential marketing, the relationship between brand and consumer is forged, and brand loyalty is built. Loyal customers are repeat customers who walk past your competitor’s product to purchase your’s for years to come.

We do not believe all customers are alike. Experiential marketing provides a personalized interaction, tailored to the preferences of your customers. We match the overall values of your company to a comprehensive, hands-on experience that educates and empowers your decision makers. These moments are best provided by real-world scenarios, unique to each individual.

While 90% of customers anticipate a similar brand experience across all channels, customers who experience an emotional connection to a brand deliver a 306% higher value back to the brand over the customer lifecycle. (moved from section below)

The more informed you are as a business regarding all facets of your customer, the more you are able to adapt your experience for them. Once we assess and measures the effects of each campaign, you will gain valuable insights to the changing needs of your customers, which will allow you improve the relationship you have with customers, create consumer loyalty and ultimately build revenue.