Celebrate Those Wins!

On the heels of an incredibly exciting Rolex 24 and the cusp of what will surely be an epic Clash at the LA Coliseum on Sunday, I can’t help but reflect on the exhilaration of competition…and winning! In my mind, the NASCAR season starts this weekend. Championship points are not on the line yet at The Clash, but a win most certainly is! Someone will win and celebrate with their team starting this weekend and nearly every weekend between now and the middle of November.

All the winning that is about to take place on racetracks across America is pretty obvious: the first race car across the start-finish line, the checkered flag, the burnout, and the massive Victory Lane celebration. It’s so exhilarating to watch someone win, let alone be the actual winner!

The interesting part about winning is that we can all feel that exhilaration when we win too – we all can experience the powerful emotions when we accomplish something we’ve worked hard to achieve, and that inspires me! A new job, a promotion, overcoming a challenge, persevering through something tough, or heck, even a great idea are all wins in my book!

I’m going into this weekend looking forward to celebrating a couple of wins of my own, but more importantly, encouraging everyone to celebrate your own wins. When you celebrate your win, you’re celebrating all the focus, determination, sacrifice, and hard work that went into your accomplishment, and you’re also building a foundation of confidence and resilience – just like the driver who wins The Clash is building for their season.

So, pull that proverbial trophy out of the box in the garage and bring it inside. Toast yourself. Make it a little obvious and pat yourself on the back. Be proud of yourself, and for a moment or two, breath in your success. Wins compound and as they do, you will accomplish more than you thought possible – one win at a time.

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