Last fall, Breaking Limits took a look in the mirror…the sustainability mirror, that is. While our impact may be considered small by traditional sustainability measures, the changes we can make A) are more impactful than home recycling and nearly everyone does that, and B) honestly take very little effort or change on our part.

Breaking Limits now has a Sustainable Development Plan in place with very simple actions around 5 pillars:

  1. Reducing Waste – We order efficiently, shop local, and donate in every market
  2. Recycling – Plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper are set aside for pick up
  3. Reusing – China, glassware, silverware, and kitchen supplies are washed, not tossed
  4. Diversity – Thought, perspective, background, and experience drive our exceptional client-centric teams
  5. Work-Life Balance – Our talent has no geographical boundaries, and we work hard to a plan then rest

We’re far from perfect, but for the first time Breaking Limits is an agency with a plan to conserve, and be responsible to the world and to each other. We are proud to partner with our clients on these initiatives and motivated to see what we can accomplish together!

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