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Over the past seven years, Kristin and Breaking Limits have lead Colavita through a new approach to developing and managing grocery decision-maker relationships. We listen to the grocery customers who tell us what was important to them. And then we develop unique partnerships and programs that demonstrated Colavita’s commitment to the grocery customer. Relationships with consumers are built along the way, and that drives sales.
Colavita - Breaking Limits


Build stronger relationships with grocery decision-makers and loyalty with consumers.


Exponential year over year growth in number of SKUs and incremental volume.
  • Strategic conversations and discovery at the VP of Merchandising level.
  • Uncovered priorities and customized programs designed to support those priorities, specific to Health and Wellness.
  • Turnkey management of Colavita sponsorship for marquee marathon event within the Miami division of Publix Supermarkets.
  • Customized program including in-store incremental display, special offers, scans, digital coupons and more.
Colavita - Breaking Limits
Colavita - Breaking Limits
  • Integration and coordination of the Colavita Pizza Truck program in market and throughout the US, designed to sample and showcase the full range of Colavita product line.
  • Brand team engagement and relationship building events for the sales team.
  • Recruitment and selections of Colavita marathon team consisting of 4 female runners and 2 male runners, all of which finished on the podium.

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