Built on the Shoulders of Champions.

Our Story

Breaking limits was founded in 2007 by NASCAR Champion and NASCAR Hall of Fame Race Car Driver Bobby Labonte. For over a decade, Breaking Limits has been building relationships between brands and consumers that drive loyalty, affinity and passion. We are successful because we are driven like our Founder. From ideation to planning to execution, every detail is critical to our team.

A world class athlete in her own right, President Kristin Labonte brings her expertise in visual communications and design to work for your brand. Couple that with an MBA from Duke University. You can rest assured that she knows what it takes to achieve and deliver at the highest level and sets that same expectation for our entire team. Kristin has the heart and the mind of a champion

Our entire team knows that every moment, every sight, every sound, every one of the consumers senses create an emotion and a memory connected to your brand. It is our mission to capture that essence and deliver it through event experiences to your consumers. It is our culture to deliver at the championship level to you.

Breaking Limits - Kristin Labonte, Bobby Labonte

Our Culture

Our culture derived from the fortitude of a champion.
  • …we are constantly pushing ourselves harder to innovate and find every inch of greatness for our clients.

  • …we use all of our connections to proactively seek opportunities that will make your brand shine.

  • …we understand the big picture and the role of marketing in value creating and in driving revenue to your bottom line.

  • …we hand-select our team for you, accepting only the best talent, experience and expertise.