Sponsorship Consulting

Did you know that global sponsorship spending is projected to grow beyond the $60 billion threshold, with the North American sponsorship market sector accounting for $22 billion of that massive total, of which Sports accounts for $15 billion+? Did you also know that 87% of corporations, globally, claim they don’t have enough data … or the right data … to make informed sponsorship decisions and/or understand return-on-investment?

What? How is that even possible? Via a depth of proven expertise, insights and relationships, across Sports, Entertainment, and Cause & Foundation, inclusive of Teams, Athletes, Artists, Events, and Fundraisers from the Retail Marketplace level to your Headquarters and most everywhere in between, Breaking Limits offers clients a seamless, turnkey, cost-efficient solution to effective Sponsorship Marketing.

And, a laser focus ensuring our clients are part of the elite - in the know - 13%.
What do we believe? That every successful platform begins with a deep understanding of your business, brand, structure, customer and go-to-market approach, combined with alignment regarding strategy, objectives and priorities.

And most importantly, clearly defining what SUCCESS means to you.

Where do we start? By utilizing our decades+ of experience, we look to determine if a potential (or existing) sponsorship provides RAI:

* RELEVANCE: with your business, category, customer, geography and calendar

* ALIGNMENT: with your business and brand attributes, product and service offerings, as well as marketplace messaging and positioning. Does it “fit”?

* IMPACT: the actual OUTCOME on both brand (awareness, visibility, affinity, image, preference, loyalty) and business (leads, sales, profit, savings, margin, conversion, growth) objectives beyond merely measured media outputs

Not to mention internal, employee-related measures such as the impact of Sponsorship on motivation, morale, retention, engagement, performance, etc. Don’t forget your own people as you build your Sports, Entertainment, or Cause & Foundation Sponsorship plan!

Partnership Engagement Model

Why is this concept of Impact so crucial in today’s competitive, content-driven, fan- and consumer-savvy marketing and media landscape? According to a recent study, today’s CMOs see themselves as “growth drivers” who need to use marketing (aka Sponsorship) to add business “value” and ACTUAL, TANGIBLE revenue impact. In other words, for every dollar spent on sponsorship, today’s CMO needs to clearly identify if it is generating (directly attributing to) X dollars of return. ROI.

Interested in learning more?

Breaking Limits offers a depth of independent, client-centric Sponsorship Consulting services, aiding brands no matter where you stand along the Sponsorship continuum. Beginning with Strategy, leading to Activation, and then downstream to Measurement, we offer a 360° solution to Sports, Entertainment, and Cause & Foundation Sponsorships.

Contact Ken Cohn, SVP/COO, at (203) 610-0509 or kcohn@breakinglimits.net to get a discussion started. We look forward to driving your success!

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Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Platform Development
  • Brand Integration
  • Rights Optimization
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Budget Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Measurement & Analysis