Event Management

Did you know?

Did you know that a recent study indicated 79% of brands would execute more events than in previous years? Furthermore, 65% of brands expressed their belief that in-person events are directly correlated to sales. And, 74% of consumers have a better opinion about a brand after an in-person event.

Today, savvy brands understand that they operate in an increasingly customer-driven, relationship-focused marketing environment. It’s not about simply selling your product or service. In other words, don’t just “pitch” your wares. It’s critical to create a dialogue, with an eye on earning trust. A real relationship.

Sports, Music, and Cause & Foundation events offer a unique platform to interact and engage, such that your target audience can get a real idea of your brand essence, attributes, distinction, and personality.


Are you thinking about an event as part of your marketing mix? Would your objective be rooted in elevating brand awareness or notoriety? How about media exposure? Are you looking to generate leads? How about engaging customers, VIPs or your salesforce? Or perhaps relationship-building and/or networking? Sometimes, it’s about a new product launch or education-driven product demonstration. Other times, it’s about affecting motivation and morale - “esprit de corps” - among your employees.

Furthermore, is the setting for your needs a conference or trade show? Maybe it’s a seminar? Or, perhaps you are looking for a solution at your headquarters for a meeting or special appearance? And, as is often the case, it could be that you are looking to drive impact via a sports, music, cause, foundation, or entertainment setting. Lastly, possibly the end goal is based at retail. No matter the objective or location, we offer you solutions.


Good News

Breaking Limits provides a proven depth of integrated services to support our clients’ event management needs, including the coordination and management of staffing, VIPs, media, celebrities, tickets and access credentials, catering, décor and branding, scheduling, travel and transportation - just to name a few key areas where we thrive.

Furthermore, with more than 850 Sports, Music, and Cause & foundation-related events executed to date, Breaking Limits offers clients comprehensive experience in this specific discipline across planning, management and execution.


Our Approach

So, how would we get started? We would look to collaborate with your team on:

  • ACHIEVABLE GOALS: What success means to you
  • SPECIFIC TARGET AUDIENCE: Who you are looking to engage
  • EXPLICIT GEOGRAPHIC FOOTPRINT: Where you need to drive impact
  • DEFINED TIMELINE: When you want to make your mark
  • INTEGRATED SUPPORT: How social media and other platforms can enhance the event
  • THE IDEA: What the hook is


One Last Thing. A Real Differentiator.

Breaking Limits is proud to have a business alliance with a sister agency, SSG/Brand Intense, owned by Bobby Labonte’s brother, Terry. Based in nearby Archdale, North Carolina, SSG/Brandintense has been bringing ideas to life and perfecting experiential marketing all over the country for more than 20 years.

SSG can do anything your marketing campaign or sponsorship demands via a fleet of 90+ vehicles, a stable of highly-specialized and trained brand ambassadors, and the ability to scale flawlessly to what your event demands.

What does this mean for you? In concert with SSG, Breaking Limits can deliver a true 360° experiential solution inclusive of design and production, storage, artwork and logistics across planning, scheduling, drivers, hiring, compliance, insurance and maintenance. Even more impressive, SSG executes 3,000 event days per year.

Contact Ken Cohn, SVP COO, at (203) 610-0509 or kcohn@breakinglimits.net to get a discussion started. We look forward to driving your success!

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Areas of Expertise

  • Brand Experientials
  • VIP Management
  • Staffing
  • Sampling/Demos
  • Branding & Premiums
  • Hospitality Management
  • Registration & Scheduling
  • Travel/Transportation
  • Lead Generation